Yahoo/Oddpost vs. Gmail

I like Ajax-y online email app Oddpost, and was a paying subscriber before it was purchased by Yahoo, so apparently I’m going to get to play with the new Yahoo/Oddpost beta … but I have a confession to make: I like Gmail better. While Oddpost is nice, and it’s cool in sort of a dancing dog way — it isn’t that the dog dances well, but that it dances at all — it feels like the wrong UI paradigm. Gmail seems faster and more responsive, with a tag/hotkey/conversation-centric interface that just plain work better for me.
Hope that this doesn’t mean I get tossed from the beta, because I’m always happy to try new stuff, but I just had to bring a little context to the current giddiness over Yahoo’s refurbishing of its dated email client.


  1. I agree – if you’re using a PC. I do lots of e-mail on my Treo, however – and that’s Gmail’s Achilles Heel. Their mobile support stinks – their ‘POP’ feature is awful.
    The best feature of Oddpost (I was/am also a subscriber) was the IMAP support. Doesn’t seem like they’re carrying this over – which is a surprise and a shame.

  2. paul–what kind of dog is that? looks like my american bulldog…

  3. I was an oddpost zealot myself. It’s a great web app that simulates the traditional Outlook email app. I do agree, however, that gmail is much better. It seems that Google re thought the whole concept of email as a productivity tool. They just need to add a few more features (reminders and calendar just to name a few)

  4. I do concur, Gmail rules…. and so does the dog.