Seinfeld on Cellphones, One-Click Buying, and Monkey Bars

Wistfully funny Tom Shales piece on Jerry Seinfeld’s continuing comedic success in the weekend WashPost:

And why do we always see, in all these [terrorist training] films, terrorists training on monkey bars? Is it expected that eventually a crucial battle is certain to be fought on a children’s playground?
Seinfeld’s usual subject matter leans more toward the social and cultural: “People are stopping for coffee on their way to Starbucks,” he says as part of a very funny riff on Americans and their beverage fixations. If manufacturers can be so presumptuous as to name a cereal “Life,” Seinfeld wonders, then why not go the next step, throw caution to the wind and just call it “Almighty God”? (A devoted cereal eater himself, or maybe he just played one on TV, Seinfeld speculated that the escalation of the raisin wars among makers of raisin brans could lead to the ultimate insanity: “all raisins, one flake”).