SarbOx is Sexy

Well, there is apparently more than one unintended consequence of Sarbanes-Oxley. Along with making it more difficult to hire board members, and more expensive to be public, and more difficult to do an IPO, it has done something else:

The law has had another positive impact on the accounting industry: It has made studying accounting a lot sexier. “Our enrollment is up,” said Linda M. Parsons, an assistant professor of accounting at George Mason University. Parsons said that the new interest comes from increased visibility of accountants and their marketability.
Richard J. Klimoski, dean of the university’s school of management, added that increased attention on the profession has energized professors and researchers in the field as well. The business school has emphasized ethics in its established courses and is considering adding courses in forensic accounting and fraud in the coming school year.


  1. I got to tell you I am taking an accounting course now, all the talk is about “Cokiee Jar Reserves” and what Enron did. Accounting is gaining more prominance than before. (Revenge of the Nerds)
    It is kinda like Ethics-in-b-school mania except you can teach Accounting to a person.