Love in an Analyst Conference Call

There was a wonderfully bizarre moment in a conference call earlier this week. An analyst thought that he had been cut off during the Ameritrade/TD Waterhouse merger call, and Ameritrade CEO Joe Moglia said that was not the case — and then sang the analyst an Italian love-song by way of apology:

Joe Moglia, Ameritrade Holding Corporation – CEO
Rich, I apologize about that before. I swear that we did not do that intentionally.
Rich Repetto, Sandler O’Neil – Analyst
I thought you would take a route of swearing at me in Italian or something rather than cut me off. But that is okay.
Joe Moglia, Ameritrade Holding Corporation – CEO
(Speaks Italian language). Ciao, Rich!

My favorite part is how the conference call transcriber was so flummoxed that all they could manage was “Speaks Italian language” by way of paraphrase of the swoon-inducing moment.


  1. I think you should make that “Ciao, Rich” to get the proper Italian flavor….

  2. Thanks — fixed. The typo was actually in the original Thomson Financial transcript, which makes it doubly funny.