Google Turns CableCos into Into Investment Shorts?

This news is so interesting. As John Battelle points out, the further that Google goes down this path the more content creators you are eventually going to see abandon the nasty closed world of broadcast and cable quasi-monopolies.
Consider, for example, the center at UC San Diego where I spend a chunk of my time. I’d love to be able to host episodes of our television program somewhere where we could easily sell them. But until recently it has been too hard ….


  1. Hugh "Nomad" Hancock says:

    Yep. Speaking as someone who has spent a lot of time ( hosting and making available off-network content, this has the potential to be a *huge* step. The problem of making programs available to a modest audience has been solvable for a while. My feeling is that what Google Video really offers is the potential to mean that sudden success for those programs means, well, success, not lots of “out of bandwidth” errors.