Feds Launching Grass-roots Geodata

The U.S. Federal government is set to roll-out some big changes to its Geodata site, including grass-roots marketplaces for geographical data:

Version 2, will also introduce a new marketplace capability, according to Leslie Armstrong, deputy staff director for the Federal Geographic Data Committee (FGDC). Armstrong spoke of the planned improvements during an American Council for Technology conference earlier this week. Researchers, government planners and others will be able to mark off an area on a U.S. map, define types of geospatial information they’re searching for and be able to identify other users who may be working with similar data on the system.
The marketplace tool is designed to foster communities of interest around specific geospatial data, such as state administrators who want to map wildfire activity layered on top of population centers in a particular region.

That’s a nice idea — allowing users of geographical data to find and help one another. Is Leslie Armstrong of of FGDC speaking at Where 2.0? He should be.