CVCA Conference in Quebec City

In yet more “Paul speaking” news, on Friday morning I’m talking at the Canadian Venture Capital Association annual conference in idyllic Quebec City. The subject is the future of venture capital.
I will be publicly wrestling Big Questions to the ground in spirited fashion, like … Where is the industry going? What are the big changes afoot, whether in deal flow, returns, people, approaches, etc.? How important is the current wave of partner retirements? And how about that whole consumer venture investing thing? And that buyout thing? And how do engineers afford median house prices of $655,000 in San Jose? And is enterprise IT really out like mood rings? You know, that sort of thing.
So many questions, but sadly my part of the the event is not webcast …
On a more personal note, the old part of Quebec City is a magnificent place for an evening run. I took off from the Chateau Frontenac around 7pm … ran around the wall down to the lower part of the city … dodged through a maze of twisty little cobblestone streets, all alike … then ran back up a steep road in back of the hotel … then along the boardwalk way above the St. Lawrence River … and then came around and re-entered the old part of the city through the front gates and ran back to the hotel overlooking the river just as the sun set in a post-apocalyptic orange glow. Was wondrous.


  1. I do? I wasn’t aware I have it any credit. I was tooting my own horn … 😉

  2. Will you be recording and podcasting the talk?

  3. …and your horn deserves to be tooted!
    What I meant was that the CVCA membership is not exactly a band of original thinkers. From experience, I am not sure that many of them can apprehend or digest Big Questions. Their favourite subject usually seems to be: themselves. Still, it is worth a try. Good luck!
    This is a great blog. You always have interesting insights. Keep up the excellent work.