Angels on Blog-way

David Beisel asks a good question: Where are all the angel investor bloggers? While I’ve written before about the surprising (at least to me) number of venture bloggers, that number doesn’t include angels, of which I can think of, well, something like none.
As an aside, David mentions a study from a researcher at George Washington University on the relations between angels and venture folks. I was sent the same study, but I have to confess that I found it almost entirely unsurprising so didn’t bother commenting. Yes, angels are beneficial; yes, there are issues about pricing; and so on, but nothing there seemed new to me.

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    Continued Conversation about Angel Bloggers

    My post last week, “VCs and Angels, Where are the Angel Bloggers?” generated quite a bit of interest and notable discussion. According to my Feedburner stats, more of my readers (on a percentage basis) clicked-through this entry than any other…