The Viagra/Blindness Connection

Medpundit has a typically direct comment on the current concern (and instant joke material) having to do with a supposed relationship between use of erectile dysfunction drug Viagra and a kind of blindness. He quotes from eMedicine’s mortality/morbidity description of the type of blindness some are saying is connected with Viagra, and then points out an essential fact:

NAION [a type of blindness] is not commonly associated with life-threatening conditions, although the presence of other vascular conditions is frequent (eg, hypertension, 46.9%; diabetes, 23.9%; myocardial infarction, 11%).
I’ll be darned. Those are the same diseases associated with impotence. Is it all that surprising some of the people who develop NAION take Viagra? What’s surprising is that only 50 of them have been identified so far.