Sending the Peace Corps to Georgia

From a recent conversation:

Me: Hey, you’re doing a little light reading of the Economist [magazine]?
Some Guy: Yes, I’m getting ready to go with the Peace Corps to Georgia. The country. Not the state.
Me: Oh, that’s great. Yes, the country.
Some Guy: I wasn’t sure if you knew.
Me: Well, I know there are problems in Atlanta, but I was reasonably sure we weren’t sending the Peace Corps there yet.
Some Guy: Right. But I bet 70% of the people that I tell I’m going to Georgia with the Peace Corps think I’m going to Georgia, the state.
Me: Oh my.


  1. I presume you were mid-flight over the west coast when this conversation occurred.
    Why not ship a coastal dude to a land-locked state for infrastructure build, cultural exchange, peace/love/understanding? Doesn’t every state have regions that could use some volunteer help? Send a Texan to Vermont. New Yorker to Alabama….
    Hey, and why haven’t I seen some American Pie actor (with sobering video from the hills of West Virginia) plead football TV audiences to send money for kegs so their moonshine-swilling countrymen can get loaded without going blind?