Musing about the Muze Buyout

Move over Bono & Elevation Partners: venture firm Enterprise Partners here in La Jolla has announced its buyout of Muze. The southern California venture firm has purchased Muze, arguably the largest source of meta-data about the entertainment industry. The company has information on products and artists, plus a database of reviews and related annotations.
This is interesting along two dimensions. First, from a Muze strategy point of view there remain many technology-informed directions you can go with this sort of data, not least of which is specialized search, licensing, and repurposing some of it in a CDDB-style machine-to-machine form.
Second, however, it is also interesting to see EPVC do this transaction. To my knowledge, it is the first real buyout the venture firm (which is the largest in southern California) has ever done. Having a firm which is demonstrably not a transaction-centric outfit do this sort of deal really does put the stamp of legitimacy on venture buyouts (which had been tarred by some critics as venture firms with too much money looking for something to do).