Mark Cuban Gets Another Pulpit

It is a dream scenario for man-of-all-opinions, Mark Cuban: the billionaire investor-cum-entrepreneur-cum-jock-manque is the cover boy on this weekend’s Barron’s magazine.

Wall Street Maverick
Mark Cuban, who made almost $2 billion by selling his share of a decade ago, seems to be everywhere these days: He owns the Dallas Mavericks; he’s bankrolling the peer-to-peer file-sharing music site Grokster in its Supreme Court battle with MGM; and his HDNet Films is basking in the glowing reviews for its new movie, Enron: The Smartest Guys in the Room. Overflowing with opinions on what to do with money, he chats with Barron’s about the market, his stocks, the entertainment industry and his least favorite politician.

[Update] You can read it here.