Journal of Gambling Studies

Maybe it’s just me, but you’d think in these gambling-mad times that an academic publication called the “Journal of Gambling Studies” would actually study gambling, or at least contain some interesting papers on probability. But apparently not:

Treating Problem Gamblers: Working towards Empirically Supported Treatment pp. 1 – 4
Robert Ladouceur and Howard J. Shaffer
Conceptual and Methodological Issues in Treatment Outcome Research pp. 5 – 11
Alex Blaszczynski
Implications of a Brief Intervention Trial for Problem Gambling for Future Outcome Research pp. 13 – 19
David C. Hodgins
Psychological Treatment of Slot-Machine Pathological Gambling: New Perspectives pp. 21 – 26
Enrique Echeburúa and Javier Fernández-Montalvo


  1. Jim Letourneau says:

    Against the Gods: The Remarkable Story of Risk
    by Peter L. Bernstein covers the gory details of probability.
    What is more interesting is how greedy/addictive humans behave in the real world (even Newton couldn’t figure it out).