Email Remains the Killer App

I continue to see a remarkable number of interesting companies, technologies, and ideas in the messaging/email area. The market reminds me of search, circa 1998: The “smart money” thinks that the market is over, and investors turn up their nose at messaging startups — and then end up wondering how they ever missed a Google.
Because the smart money is wrong. Not only is messaging not dead, but it is going to change more in the next few years than it has in the last ten. We’re frittering at the edges now with spam, phishing, policy management, and the like, but when things really begin to change at the core — client and server — then people will wake up.


  1. Great post! And to that point, email is pretty much the ultimate vertical search. And whatever can help us look through it is the search engine of our lives. Interesting…

  2. I disagree. Email is ridiculously costly to large organizations, and NOT because of spam. Email is a disaster. A backlash is brewing, and smart people see it.

  3. I cordially disagree with your disagreement. Email is an immense source of cost and pain, but as a communications backbone it is too useful to ever imagine it will go away. What will replace it? RSS? IM? No way.
    Email’s problem is that specs froze too soon, like in about 1975, and it needs to be rethought. Change is coming. I’ve seen it.