Ellison on Life, Love, Steve Jobs, Men with Guns, & Romance Novels

Say what you will about Oracle CEO and founder Larry Ellison, but he gives good interview. This weekend’s San Francisco Chronicle contains an exemplar example, with Mssr Ellison opining on life, Peoplesoft, romance novels, turning 60, giving advice to Steve Jobs, and why he brings guys with guns to media interviews.
Here is Larry on wanting to win:

Q: …But what’s really driving you? Don’t you have enough money? Is it about winning?
A: That’s one of the unknowables. Am I doing it for purposes of vanity or because of my obligation to the shareholders? That’s my job. I’ll bring up Barry Bonds. What’s he trying to do? Is he trying to hit those home runs to help the team win, or is he trying to hit those home runs for vanity?
Q: Could it be both of them?
A: Yeah. It’s hard to figure out. The honest answer is probably a little of each. That’s what you do. If someone said, “Ah, we won the World Series last year. Let someone else win this year. I don’t need to try as hard because it’s just not fair.” I’m not sure you want that guy on the team.