You’re Bankrupt? Here, Have a Credit Card

While the following makes a certain twisted logical sense, it is wonderfully perverse:

Overwhelmed by more than $60,000 in debt, Lenya Garcia filed for bankruptcy protection last July. In January, her case was completed and her debts — mostly on credit cards — were dismissed. Less than a month later, a rash of new credit card offers began arriving in the mail.
…Bankruptcy attorneys say Garcia’s experience is the norm for debtors emerging from bankruptcy. “I tell my clients they will be inundated with offers,” said North Carolina attorney T. Bentley Leonard. The reason is simple, he said: This group of consumers is a very attractive market to lenders because their debts have been wiped out and new debt cannot be forgiven for another six years.
“One day they owe $50,000, the next day, nothing. What better person to lend money to?” Leonard said.

Who better, indeed.


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