The Tale of the Programming Contest

I don’t have enough background information on the event to draw too many conclusions, but lots of newswires reporting today that the U.S. didn’t do well at the ACM’s International Collegiate Programming Contest that finished April 5th.

Here are the top ten results — and what is getting everyone’s attention is that the top ten does not include a single U.S. school (there were three U.S. schools in the top ten last year):

Rank Name Solved Time
1 Shanghai Jiaotong University 8 1517
2 Moscow State University 7 711
3 St Petersburg Institute of Fine Mechanics and Optics 7 888
4 University of Waterloo 7 1046
5 University of Wroclaw 7 1155
6 Fudan University 7 1275
7 KTH – Royal Institute of Technology 6 965
8 Norwegian University of Science & Technology 6 1054
9 Izhevsk State Technical University 6 1072
10 POLITEHNICA University Bucharest 6 1113


  1. joe.timlin says:

    One Canadian though! And 2 in the top 25.

  2. Ah, good point Joe. I had noticed that, but didn’t want to steal the show from any Canadians who wanted to cop to the high placing!