The Collected Works of Daniel Loeb, Part II

Here are two more classics of hedge fund manager Dan Loeb’s (admittedly narrow) specialty, the hectoring letter to the CEO and/or board of directors:


  1. Beautiful. Poetic. Especially the part with the 78-year old mother of the CEO appointed to the board of Stargas.

  2. Henry Alken says:

    Daniel Loeb’s track record is pathetic as can
    be seen by the stock peformance of Star Gas
    Partners and Salton.
    He should just pray that those Hindus and
    Moslems never quit his fund and leave him to
    fend for himself.

  3. If you like the written work you should listen to a few conference calls in which Third Point may have participated. I have worked in the institutional brokerage business for 10 years and have come to enjoy Third Point’s behavior.
    The first time I heard them dress down a CEO at the end of an optimistic outlook i was sort of stunned. Did he just say what I thought he said…., then I about fell out of my chair laughing. I think it was a PVR quarterly call about three years ago. F’bombs and kiss my arses are liberally found in the exchange.

  4. I haven’t heard one of the c/call performances, but I’d love to.

  5. Anyone who wants to hear Danny Boy in a conference call, can listen to the SFBC CC from Dec 15th.