Name the Most Valuable P2P Company

Quiz question: Name the most valuable peer-to-peer (P2P) company in the world. The first person to get the answer right gets a wonderful prize, like me saying “Way to go!”.
A hint: It is pure P2P, it isn’t one of the typical list of companies, it is private, and it is almost certainly worth in excess of $5-billion.
Tick, tick, tick.
[Update] Okay, if you really and truly give up then use your mouse & cursor to highlight the area after this sentence. The answer is: Liquidnet. A P2P stock trading company started by Seth Merrin in 1999, it has been newly elevated to a multi-billion dollar company by the acquisitions this week of Instinet (Nasdaq) and Archipelago (NYSE). The latter went for $4-billion, and Liquidnet is almost certainly a more valuable company — and far more valuable than Skype, Grokster, and the rest of the usual P2P ilk.

Bet you wish you hadn’t peeked, don’t you?


  1. Bona Sijabat says:


  2. Three guesses so far, one here and two by email, and they’re all Skype and all wrong.

  3. Not Grokster either, as few optimistics have guessed. You have about nine too many zeroes to the left of the decimal point for this to be Grokster’s value.

  4. bookemdanno says:

    Trying to think outside the box here. Bloomgberg?