Is Firefox the Dashboard?

A while back I called for a unified dashboard where micro-publishers could see their AdSense (and the like) earnings, their Amazon Associates income, and so on. After all, I argued, those people are running businesses, so they deserve the same kind of unified and fine-grained control of finances that execs have in larger companies.

Well, I heard from a few vendors who were building things in the area, and I pointed to one vendor who had out an AdSense-only freeware product, but I completely forgot about Firefox. Because it already has an open and extensible platform, one well suited to being a hub for all this information via add-ins.

And that is exactly what is happening with a new-ish AdSense add-in for Firefox. The extension inserts your Google AdSense earnings (click-throughs, traffic, etc.) all in the status bar, giving you a real-time view of precisely what is going on at your site. Lovely idea.


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