Craigslist Meets Maps

In case you haven’t seen it yet, this is a simply wonderful piece of data integration. Paul Rademacher’s Redfin-killing remix of Google Maps and Craigslist housing data is one of those things that grabs your brain and spins it 45 degrees in place: You think, Omilord, if this is possible what other funky opportunities exist to merge services like Gmaps with other data? The mind begins to boggle.


  1. Not really integration, but another cool application of Google Maps–sightseeing–here:

  2. I really like the Gmaps integration, but people (you) obviously fail to get the true advantage of Redfin. You’ve missed entirely the conceptual shift that is Redfin.
    Using Redfin, you are not displaying search results on maps, you are searching on maps. You use the map first, and the results come second. This mental shift has been adopted my MapQuest–they get it.
    Before you get too defensive, think about the difference.