Blogging as Pipeline into Product Management

It is interesting how many times in the last year I have mentioned something on this site only to have someone from a related company send me a note asking to chat. Whether it was complaining about Feedburner (where’s that darn RSS feed guys!), or asking for better dashboards for online associates income, or thinking textually about vertical search, or anything else, I consistently hear from solid folks doing forward-looking work in related areas.
I mention the preceding because I had another one of those converations today with a software company. They are eager to do something about an issue that I had raised here not long ago, and I was happy to give them my thoughts on how they could satisfy me (solipsism alert: I’m worried about my needs, not yours). If they do anything like what we discussed it would be great — a much-needed solution to a strangely overlooked and rapidly-growing problem.


  1. Hello!
    I found you through your post ( on AdBrite, and subsequently went on to become a client of theirs. :-) FWIW, that “darn RSS feed” must now be working, as I went to add you to my LiveJournal account, and found that someone created your account ( yesterday. So now there are *two* LJ people watching you! :-)
    Thanks for your musings!