Applying a Lens to Online Mapping

I tinkered some more tonight with the Keyhole data in Gmaps and it got me thinking, but not about applications. After all, Gmaps is whizzy and fun, so let’s agree to worry about paying uses later.
But that said, it did get me thinking about Idelix’s pliable lens technology, which I had also been messing with earlier today. Why are resolution changes discontinuous and global in Google maps, et al., while panning is continuous (and unavoidably global)? In other words, why hasn’t Yahoo, Google, or Mapquest licensed Idelix’s technology to create continuous local resolution changes, analogous to the nicely-done panning, where I can pass a lens over the satellite data in realtime?
A minor change, for sure, but one that would make changing resolutions about as clean and unobtrusive as the rest of the Gmaps interface, so it sure makes sense to me.