Apple & the Biggest Tech Events in Advertising History

Advertising industry bible AdAge has out its 75th anniversary issue with the most important events that shaped the industry. While three technology-related moments make the list, and Apple’s “1984” Macintosh ad is one of them, can you name the other two?
[Update] Here they are: Apple “1984”; Hotwired’s first Internet ad (1994); and dotcom crash (2000). You might also include advent of Tivo (2000). What I find fascinating about this list is how little technology is on it. Not just ads from technology companies, but the many ways that technology is transforming advertising. For example, has no-one at Advertising Age ever heard of this little thing called Adwords?


  1. I didn’t feel like registering just to see the answer, so my guess:
    One *has* to be the Win95 launch, but I’m stumpted for the other one. You say “events” – is it whole campaigns, or just individual ads, or what? Intel Inside?