Yahoo Mingle Becomes Yahoo 360

News of Yahoo’s impending family of blogging and social networking tools has leaked early. The Associated Press got wind of it, so now Yahoo has apparently briefed other outlets that The Social Software Formerly Known as Mingle (TSSFKAM) is now Yahoo 360. A family of blogging tools, shareable photo albums (yo Stewart, you should talk to these Yahoo people ;-)), and the like, the service will debut in late March to hand-picked beta users:

Share What Matters to You
Let people know what’s interesting or important to you. Post photos. Start a blog. Share lists and recommendations, anything. Show who you are and what’s in your life — all your delights, dislikes, and playful passions.
Control who sees what
You’ll have complete control over who sees what. After all, your relationships with different people vary. So we’ve provided options for you to control access to any and all parts of your page.