What are a Few Sand Hill Roads Among Friends?

A Sand Hill Road address is coveted among venture capitalists. Firms like being able to say that they are located on said street, just off the 280 in Menlo Park. It has that “we’re at the epicenter” kinda sound. And that creates a problem: There is more appetite for Sand Hill Road than there is Sand Hill Road.

But real estate sorts are nothing, however, if not creative: Just about every road in sight in that area is either Sand Hill Road, or some variant thereof, like Sand Hill Circle (which will seem richly ironic to anyone who has gotten stuck in the due diligence vortex with a typical venture firm):


  1. The most clever method of getting a Sand Hill address I have seen is getting an office in Stanford Shopping Center at the bottom of the hill.

  2. Hey Ross. Those darn venture folks are so clever … Must mean tethered dirigibles are next.

  3. they must have been very prescient too, since those roads were developed and named like 30 years ago.