Tiger Woods & Echoes of the Dot-Com Boom

Some interesting comments from golfer Tiger Woods in his press conference at the Bay Hill Invitational tournament this week. He was talking about prize money in golf and how it might change given that sponsors are becoming more difficult to find, and given that there is some talk the tour’s TV contract, which is up for renegotiation this summer, could decline. Why, Woods was asked, is everyone so worried about money in golf:

TIGER WOODS: Because the TV contract is coming up now and we’re not in the big boom like we were the last time around (in 2000). Every dot-com, everybody wanted to get involved and we were on an incredible high.

Ah, echoes of the dot-com collapse are still being felt five years out, even in professional golf.

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  1. b7j0c says:

    more like the grand supercycle of pro sports has peaked. hockey is DOA. basketball will be next, baseball not too far behind. cities aren’t going to pay the stadium ransom anymore, everyone knows now the economic impact does not exceed the subsidies granted. what about pro soccer? in the 90s apparently this would be a trillion dollar industry uniting the globe. except for the fact that north americans don’t care.
    there is one pro sport with huge growth potential: PS2.