Syndication, Fish, and Lexical Drift Nets

I was trying to explain to someone earlier today why I have (now) 300 feeds to which I am subscribed in Feeddemon. It isn’t that I have time to read 300 feeds (or 200, or 100 — or 50 for that matter), but that I have a subset of feeds (including blogs, commercial sites, pre-packaged Technorati/Feedster/Pubsub searches, and custom-scraped stuff of my own) into which I cast a lexical drift net.
When words, people, concepts, or technologies that are of interest to me get caught in that net, then I pull them in and check them out. I discard more than half of what I catch, but I also keep a lot and read them. And here is the key: By constraining the “ocean” into which I cast my drift net to the 300-feeds in which I have consistently found interesting and useful things — as opposed to relying entirely on Pubsub/Technorati/Feedster with the same search lexicon — I am, in effect, trying to make sure I don’t catch too many of the wrong fish.