Product Idea: Online Earnings Dashboard

Why can’t I get an online earnings dashboard analogous to what companies use for running their own businesses? While the money isn’t exactly rolling in, I do earn online income from various sources, including Amazon (through the Associates program), as well as from Google (through its Adsense program). Trouble is, it is just enough hassle to check both Google and Amazon for current earnings that I almost never bother.
What would be nice would be to have some sort of online dashboard into which I could enter account information for each of these sites. Then I could either load the dashboard to check updated earnings information, or I could subscribe to an RSS feed for regular earnings updates. Either way, I would have an integrated and holistic view of how the dimes were flowing in.
It is a good idea, and more and more people are earning money online (and from more places & in much larger amounts than me), so why has no-one done it? About the closest example of something similar of which I am aware is SysSense from software handyman Mike Singer. It seemingly gets you partway there, although I have to confess I have never been able to get it working properly here at Casa Kedrosky.


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