Jeff Bezos (hearts) Vertical Search

Jeff Bezos of Amazon is giving an interesting talk here at ETech on vertical search embedded in A9. He calls it syndicated search, or open search, and he is giving an example of embedding Pubmed in A9. It’s intriguing as heck, and way ahead of anything Google is showing.


  1. David Bennett says:

    The search engine I want is one which allows me to create lists of domains to be searched, to easily join these with other’s lists and to make the sets public. As you say a few hundred sites (not just for blogsw) can provide a good search area and the reduction of clutter and redundancy would be an advantage.
    Beyond this I want sites where one can store and categorize more detailed searches, sometimes I’ve spent hours finding information that I suspect others could use. This requires some sort of extensible structuring system along with a reputations systems to reduce marketing, but the idea that we want all availible information is the idea that we have unlimited time.
    Just a general search base with a few editors who went through routinely with a killer attitude getting rid of the questionable. There are all kinds of games used to tweak the results and almost everyone playing these games spends more time on them than making a useful page.

  2. the search engine I want creates great pages full of interesting content and perspective with automated kill-files for any commenters I dislike.
    Keep up the good work Paul.