ETech in San Diego

For those of you reading this in the SoCal area, don’t forget O’Reilly’ excellent ETech conference is in San Diego next week. Last year’s edition was mind-expanding, and this year’s promises to be more of the same, with a neck-snappingly eclectic list of speakers, as well as much tactile exposure to way-out things.

No-one does this sort of technology-centric academic/populist/alpha-geek thing better than O’Reilly, and this is arguably the company’s best conference. Highly recommended.

[Update] A few people have asked if I’ll be at ETech and if we can hook up. The answer is Yes, and if you would like to get a hold of me and try to get together please send me a note at the email address in the top-left corner (p k e d r o s k y at g m a i l dot c o m). Happy to chat.


  1. Will you be attending ?

  2. Jeff — Yes, I’ll be there for a good chunk of the event.