ACS Parking, Weak Forces, and Ties

The American Chemical Society annual meeting here in San Diego is dauntingly large, something like 17,000 attendees, making it the largest scientific society in the world.

A more practical example: In parking at the conference today before my talk (on innovation and new ventures) the Marriott’s lot was so full that I circled twice before finally wedging myself so tight beween a wall and a rusty truck that I had to climb out through the back hatch. Nice.

Nature is blogging the event, the writer has this arch tip for attendees:

Resist the periodic table tie.

Wise words for all of us, really. More seriously, she reports on some themes that came from a Day 1 talk by Paul Anastas of the ACS:

[Themes include] slicker catalysis, smart solvents, and biomimicry. I thought the coolest was manipulating weak forces. “We have mastered the art of making and breaking the covalent bond,” he said. “We need to also have the same command over weak forces.”

Fascinating idea.