Will the Real Tom Peters Please Slow Down

While I’m no fan of hyperbolic business blather, I enjoy reading management guru Tom “Thriving on Chaos” Peters’ blog. The medium suits him, with Mr. Peters’ books having long ago essentially become blogs: snippets, quotes, and stylized excerpts, all annotated in Mr. Peters unforgettable hyper-punctuation, where you never use just one exclamation mark if four, and a dollop of dashes and question marks, would do as well. Anyway, after being fairly quiet for a day or two, Tom has had an outbreak of opinion in the last 24 hours. I count 25 posts since yesterday, a significant number of which were mere minutes apart. Most, of course, are typical Tom — so despite it seeming only a team of Toms could be this blog-happy, it must be The Man himself:

In just 6 months!




(All in the name of the Great & Only True God … Synergy.)(Sure.)

In the immortal words of the (then just vanquished) Maggie Thatcher: “It’s a funny old world.”

For those of us who live for “creative destruction,” it’s a lovely old world! Unless, of course, you’re a bedraggled shareholder of the pursuer-of-synergy.


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