Trapped in Baby Data

Oh boy (no pun intended), but this name-centric data exploration site is fascinating. What, for example, is up (well, down) with Paul? Why has it fallen off a cliff since the 1960s? And why are my brothers’ names (Robert, Doug, & Steve) in such nasty usage decline? And who declared Shirley persona non grata? Poor Ruth & Ted too.


  1. Marc Hedlund says:

    I also enjoyed this. I found some of the “historical” name searches interesting, too — for instance, search for Adolf. The name fell out of use sooner than I would have expected, but “Adolfo” has risen more recently.

  2. Hi Marc — That is interesting. I would have expected Adolf to tail off much later, but apparently “the market” had already discounted the name….
    What is interesting to me, in particular, are some names that had short half-live, like Shirley or Verna. They came and went rapidly. Then there are others, like Max, that are bi-modal. Fascinating.