Perspectives on iUpload’s Perspectives: Good, Bad — Other?

iUpload’s Perspectives, to be launched tomorrow at DEMO, is creative and interesting, but I have a feeling I’m not quite getting the story straight in my head. It looks like a multi-outlet content repurposing tool, sort of a blogging hub. Now, that is interesting, but who is the target market? Me? I hope not.

Granted, I have a content repurposing problem in spades — I write for a half-dozen outlets, including this site, and would happily have a clean way of putting all the stuff in one accessible online place (and getting it off my hard-drive) — but I long ago learned that extrapolating from 1 –> N of me is never a good idea. Any time anyone rationally ends up with me as their target market then they should immediately fault their process — targeting me is a clear sign you have missed the mass market.