Outsourcing Surgery (Not Software) to India

Fascinating article in the current Bloomberg Markets magazine on India’s next frontier in outsourcing: surgery.

Health care for foreign patients will deliver 100 billion rupees ($2.3 billion) a year to India’s hospitals by 2012, according to a report by New York-based consulting firm McKinsey & Co. and the New Delhi-based Confederation of Indian Industry, the nation’s biggest business group. The market in 2003 was $333-million …


  1. Outsourcing Surgery to India

    While I was in India this December I knew that many NRIs (Non Resident Indians) were also there to get their medical operations done for cheap compared to western countries like U.K. or USA. This fascinating article in the March,…

  2. I am currently reading a book called “Fortune at the bottom of the pyramid” by C.K.Prahlad. The book gives an example of how Jaipur Foot provides for a prosthetic foot for just $30 as compared to over $8000 you’d pay up in the US. The quality of the foot, is as good as its US counterpart.

  3. Sorry, if I didnt make it clear in the previous post. Jaipur foot is located in Rajasthan – India.

  4. Yes, had seen Prahalad’s book around, as well as seeing him (I think) on Charlie Rose.

  5. Online Medical House Calls

    The NYT has a story on the growth in online medical advice as doctors begin to deliver it via email and dedicated online messaging systems. Is this the first step towards medical outsourcing?