Speech by Google’s CFO (Chief Food Officer)

Somehow missed this story from last week about one of the more bizarre aspects of Google’s analyst-relations day:

“They had a formal presentation by their chef but not their chief financial officer,” said Mark S. Mahaney, an analyst with American Technology Research. “I have never been to an investor day where the C.F.O. didn’t speak.”
Indeed, Google’s top chef, Charlie Ayers, spoke to the assembled analysts and investors about the lunch he had prepared, featuring entrees like grilled pork tenderloin. The chief financial officer, George Reyes, moderated the presentation and answered a few questions, but did not give a formal talk.

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  1. Google’s CFO (F is for ?)

    Thanks to Paul for passing this on, for giving us the fun stuff without sending us over to the NYT site (where we may be questioned at the door) and for resisting the temptation to attempt a joke about “cooking the books.”