imeem Buys Candy Labs

I hate when software companies get acquired in my (metaphorical) backyard and I didn’t know the company. While I had vaguely heard of Candy Labs, I have to confess I had little idea what they were doing — and search was not on the list of things that leaped to mind:

Social Software Start-Up imeem Acquires Desktop Search Firm
February 9, 2005 – Palo Alto , CA – imeem, a closely held Silicon Valley start-up that will debut its new all-in-one desktop application at the prestigious DEMO conference next week, announced today it will add desktop search capabilities to its package of services as a result of a recent acquisition. With this acquisition, imeem will allow for IM, Blogging, File Sharing, Photo Sharing and desktop search, all in one integrated package.
imeem said it acquired Vancouver, B.C. firm Candy Labs, developer and creator of the AppRocket, and the builder of new desktop search features that have not yet been fully deployed.
“This acquisition enhances the bundle of services that let consumers easily find and share all the digital files in their library,” said Dalton Caldwell, imeem Co-Founder and Chief Technical Officer. “I am equally excited that Marek Sliwa & Dustin Mierau have accepted positions with imeem. I believe their skills and design sensibility will greatly improve the imeem product.”


  1. Good. They deserve it. Their approcket app was, and still is, the best desktop search engine.

  2. desktop search…still a solution looking for a problem