Flickr Statistics

From an O’Reilly Network interview with Flickr co-founder Stewart Butterfield:

  • Of Flickr’s 3.5 million photos, 82 percent are public
  • 71 percent of the photos have some kind of human-added metadata that was added in Flickr
  • A Boston Globe photo editor found a picture recently on Flickr, contacted the user and said, “OK, we’ll pay you $150.”


  1. IF Nano is officially over, Flickr must be DOA.
    $150!!! Holllyyy Cow! Talk about opportunity.
    Paul, I lover your POV but, you must be invested in Flickr to spend so much space on it. Messenger (Yahoo or MSN)or hello will coopt this idea and relegate the company to the trackback history of your blog.
    Tags cannot be owned. This is a cool feature, not a product.
    Best of Luck to Stewart and company. If they sell this to one of the big guys, their stars were aligned and they absolutely deserve it.
    cheers! A

  2. Nah, I’m not a Flickr investor — I’d disclose if I was. Now, I am acquainted with Stewart and (less so) Caterina at Flickr, so on that level I’m guilty as charged. As you say, if the Flickr folks sell out then they’re stars are aligned, but such is the case with most companies who get nice premiums early in their life.
    Wrt the $150 for a photo comment, I just found that interesting. I’ve long contended that Flickr could be a platform a kind of grass-roots photo-wire, like AFP Amateur, if you digital photogs get what I mean. Granted, one person buying one photo is meaningless, but it is a step in an intriguing and overdue direction.

  3. enough already with flickr!