Barron’s on Bloggers: You Need Us!

Here is Howard Gold in this weekend’s Barron’s on why most bloggers don’t matter:

Few bloggers have editors who can save them from themselves and few break any big news. They generally react to original stories that appear elsewhere or link to items some mainstream news organization has already reported.

So, like it or not, they need us more than they’re willing to admit.

When their 15 minutes are over, bloggers will assume a necessary but limited role: as a source of lively opinion and a reality check on the mainstream media. Those that have the highest standards will be recognized as independent journalists.

I don’t disagree that much with Gold — most bloggers don’t matter, if by that you mean that they represent a real alternative to the so-called mainstream media. The comparison isn’t really fair, however, as the most interesting bloggers are more like interactive OpEd columns. Sure, there are some like Om that break stories, but that is so rare as to be virtually meaningless.


  1. Classic FUD from old media. The last few weeks we have seen nothing but FUD from old media regarding decentralized media. The should collaborate with Microsoft’s PR office and maybe they can roll back the clock to 1997 if they concentrate hard enough.