“You can’t handle the truth”

Sitting in an airport lounge thinking … Am I the only one who can’t stop himself from compulsively watching “A Few Good Men” any time it comes on television? I tumble every darn time for this over-the-top melodrama, especially the climactic courtroom scene where Tom Cruise’s attorney character gets Jack Nicholson’s militaristic nutter to confess to being the Zodiac killer, or D.B. Cooper … or something like that.


  1. same here, which is often if you watch TBS. the film’s backdrop is poorly timed though…after the cold war and before terrorism. we’re supposed to believe that the cuban army is somehow a threat to our liberty and the marines are the only thing keeping us safe at night. a laughable premise that might have been more believable in the cold war with respect to east/west germany, or the middle east today…otherwise a great film.