What Would we do Without the Economist?

From the magazine’s annual “Year in…” issue:

The bestselling business book of 2005 has almost certainly been published already. And it may well be the same as in 2004–“Good to Great” by Michael Collins, a study of 11 companies and how their managers transformed them from ordinary to extraordinary. [Emphasis added]

It takes truly heroic indifference for a business publication to get wrong the author of the best-selling business book in recent history.

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  1. C. Maoxian says:

    Jim Collins: The Man Who Made Ireland
    (I’ll read “Good to Great” the minute it hits the $1 Bargain Bin.)

  2. b7j0c says:

    The Economist will continue to serve the purpose it always has: last refuge for modern British Fascists, wannabe NeoCons etc.,. Often NPR’s Marketplace will feature commentators from the Economist….now I consider myself a capitalist but these people are truly laughable, they’re wistful for the guilded age.