What Me No Bosses

From a USA Today story about the founder of Picasa:

Google executives liked [Picasa] so much, they ended up buying Picasa …

Then [founder Lars] Perkins tried to quit.

“I said, ‘I have a real problem with bosses, that’s why I’ve never had one,'” he says.

They convinced him that he could continue to be an individualist, and he agreed to give it a try.

“I have to say they’re right,” says Perkins, whose title is now general manager of Picasa. “This is like working for any small company, except the food is better.”

He works at home one day a week, commutes by his personal airplane to Google’s campus in Mountain View, Calif., another day, and flies from the Pasadena area to Santa Monica the other three days, to put in time at Google’s offices here.

“People say I’m crazy to do it like this, but I hate being stuck in the car during rush hour,” he says. During those rare times in the car, “I think, what am I doing on this planet if this is how I’m going to spend my life?”