Snow? Pshaw, Darn Americans

From the Toronto Globe & Mail, as a storm drops 39cm of snow on eastern Canada, disrupting travel, causing the cancellation of schools & flights, plus a major political visit:

His beard encrusted in a layer of ice, Brian Ferrier snorted with disdain at the latest winter storm to hit Atlantic Canada.

“The big deal they’ve been making of it? That’s bull,” Mr. Ferrier said Monday as he dug out his Halifax driveway.

“They must be from the States or pampered all their bloody lives.”

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  1. b7j0c says:

    Canada is cold but by no means does it recieve a great deal of snow. This is a myth. Look at Lake Tahoe, parts of Oregon or Washington state. These places all trade around the record for snowfall from time to time…Tahoe alone clocked in over twenty FEET in the last series of storms. I grew up in Canada and thought I had seen snow until I tried skiing at Squaw Valley during a whiteout.