Google TV: Sergey Brin on Streaming News Search

Sergey Brin co-authored a thought-provoking paper in World Wide Web Journal’s latest issue. Titled “Query-Free News Search”, it is on methods for finding news articles on the web that are relevant to news being simultaneously broadcast — and Brin and his fellow Google authors obtained some impressive results:

We evaluated a variety of algorithms for this problem, looking at the impact of inverse document frequency, stemming, compounds, history, and query length on the relevance and coverage of news articles returned in real time during a broadcast. We also evaluated several postprocessing techniques for improving the precision, including reranking using additional terms, reranking by document similarity, and filtering on document similarity. For the best algorithm, 84-91% of the articles found were relevant, with at least 64% of the articles being on the exact topic of the broadcast. In addition, a relevant article was found for at least 70% of the topics.

Streaming Google news search under my television screen? I’m all for it.


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