Peer-to-Peer Weather, Redux

A few weeks ago I wrote here about the emergence of peer-to-peer weather. Well, the NY Times has now picked up the idea of grassroots weather reporting:

Mr. Truta, 33, was so fascinated by the weather moving off of the Front Range of the Rocky Mountains that he mounted a personal weather station in his backyard to monitor it. Soon he decided to share his data by posting it online. He connected his instruments to a computer and began uploading live readings, along with National Weather Service forecasts and even a Webcam view of the mountains to his Web site,

His site has become a resource for those in his area and beyond, logging more than 98,000 page views in the last 18 months. “I’ve gotten e-mails from all over Colorado, even on the East Coast,” he said. For those hooked on Broomfield weather, Mr. Truta offers an e-mail system that sends out weather updates three times a day.

On a related note, I tried Mr. Truta’s site a few moments ago and it is apparently down. Blame the NY Times for too much traffic, it seems.