Why No “Top Docs” Site?

The following is the opening ‘graph in a piece on “top doctors” in the October issue of San Diego magazine:

I can’t explain it. Put a list of local doctors in a magazine, create a cover with a trustworthy-looking physician–or an artsy stethoscope–and watch newsstand sales soar. It happens every year. This isn’t just a San Diego trend. In our publishing niche–overseen by the City & Regional Magazine Association–“Top Docs” covers are annual best-sellers for city magazines all over the country. [emphasis added]

Maybe the author can’t explain it, but I can: There is a market opportunity. There is apparently immense latent demand for doctor rankings, and people jump on anyone who provides the information for them, even if it’s only annual stuff in a glossy magazine.

So why isn’t there a similarly glossy website providing the same information? It’s obvious people are willing to pay for it.


  1. Miller Logan, M.D. says:

    The local mag here in Dallas, “D” magazine has had a “Best Doctors” issue for years. Interestingly they have also had a “Best Lawyers” issue for the past couple of years. The difference between the two issues is that the paid “infomercial” section in the lawyers issue is at least as many pages as the actual article where as I don’t recall seeing any such infomercial section in the doctors issue. This is reassuring to me as a doctor in the “what separates us from the rest of the animal kingdom” sense.