Trade Your Degrees for Cash

Readers of Infectious Greed are, of course, a well-educated and intelligent group, which means many of you are under-employed and/or wishing for interesting things to do with all those degrees of yours. Well, worry no more. The kind folks at D.E. Shaw are out recruiting for proprietary traders, and you are precisely the sort of people they want:

D. E. Shaw’s Proprietary Trading group is looking to train motivated individuals to effect model-driven trades in a variety of strategies. Strong quantitative and analytical abilities, excellent communication, negotiation, and interpersonal skills, and an exceptional sensitivity to detail are essential. The ideal candidate will have an outstanding academic record, a high level of computer literacy, a demonstrated interest in finance, and an aptitude for trading. Prior experience is not required, but some financial exposure is a decided advantage.

Oh, and here’s a tip: A proprietary trader is not someone who trades, you know, in some sort of non-standard way. It is broker-jargon, and you should be sure to get it straight before you wander off to visit the folks at D. E. Shaw.


  1. D.E. Shaw’s most famous alumnus? J.P. Bezos.

  2. Right, I should have said that: Be like Jeff!