RSS & Feature Bloat

It used to be a sort of rule-of-thumb that all software products accrete features until they allow you to send and receive email. The world has changed. As I have discovered by sitting through an unholy number of vendor presentations lately, a 2004 revision is required: All software products bloat until they can aggregate RSS. Trust me, it’s true.


  1. Fred Boness says:

    RSS is great. I got a MyYahoo page solely for the RSS reader they recently added. That’s how I get your blog and about a hundred others.

  2. No argument. RSS is great, as I’ve said over many times. I was being somewhat more cynical and pointing out that an awful lot of vendors who seemingly can’t figure out what else to do with their over-stuffed products are idly passing the time by adding RSS support.

  3. I’ve noticed the exact same thing. I just ordered a Slim Devices digital media player, and they talk about how their server side software, a jukebox system, has a built in RSS reader. Now why would I need an RSS reader integrated in a music jukebox program?