Google is the Only Portal

In a post Jeremy Zawodny delights in highlighting a recent InsideGoogle entry (got all that?) bemoaning Google’s almost-inclusion in the 2004 Weblog Awards as a portal:

the 2004 Weblog Awards (vote today!) ran a test poll back in November just to make sure the site worked. The poll? Best Portal. The winner? Google, with 75.8% of the 149 votes, versus 24.2% for Yahoo. I’m sure Google would be pleased to learn it is more popular than Yahoo, but I just know there’s some guy at Google yelling, “We’re not a portal!”

It’s fun to see how the tide turns and turns back again. Portals are the future! Search is the future! Portals are the future! Portals with search are the future!

Well Jeremy, then you’ll love this: When Urs Holzle of Google was speaking at UCSD he commented somewhat dismissively on existing portal businesses, and then adopted a Chinese doll rhetorical strategy by saying, “Google is really the only portal”.

[Update] The aforementioned Google talk was captured and is available in streaming video here.